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- How to complete a Vehicle Accident Report

(1) Date and time : Please state the date and time as well as the exact location of the accident (street, road, junction, carriageway)

(2) Witnesses Their testimony is valuable. Please write their full names and contact details here. If there are no witnesses, please say so.

N.B. : The passengers of any of the vehicles involved cannot be considered witnesses.

(3) Wounded : If there are any wounded, even lightly wounded, please immediately contact the police.

(4) Vehicles : Please take the information from the car registration document. Please check that the registration or serial numbers for motorised two-wheeled vehicles as well as the make of the vehicle are correct.

(5) Insured person : Information to be taken from the certificate of insurance, or from the Green Card for foreign vehicles.

(6) Driver : Information to be taken from driving licence.

(7) Circumstances of the accident: Beware: the person liable is not the person who ticks the most boxes.

Very important : Please do not forget to indicate the number of boxes ticked (0, 1, 2, 3…), and check that it has been done correctly by the other driver.

(8) Observations : If you have specific remarks to make, please enter them here. If your vehicle was stationary at the time of impact, do not tick any box, but say so here. If there has been dangerous overtaking, please say so.

(9) Sketch : A clear sketch must accurately show:

  • the vehicles’ direction of travel
  • the street and its median axis
  • road signs and traffic signals
  • the position of the vehicles and how they were facing at the time of impact
  • the initial point of impact.

The sketch will enable liability to be determined correctly.

(10) Signature: For the report to be valid, it must be signed by both drivers.

Under no circumstances must you amend your copy after you have signed it, because the other party also has a copy. Your signature is your commitment.

Attention : Please send your declaration of claim to your insurance adviser within 5 days.

- Guide for subscribing to the Banque Populaire Group vehicle agreement (reserved for Group employees)

Membership of this agreement is given physical form by the following:

For a new case:

  • individual membership form, completed and signed by the member employee, then signed and stamped by the Department of Human Resources
  • photocopy of the national identity card
  • photocopy of the driving licence
  • photocopy of the annual vehicle check, if the vehicle is over 10 years old
  • photocopy of the obverse and reverse of the insured vehicle’s registration document.

The date of commencement is based on the request made by the insured party, and cover shall end on 31 December of that same year

For renewal :

  • in case of an amendment request, please complete the amendment request form
  • in the contrary case, the contract is renewed from 01 January to 31 December of each year by tacit consent and under the same conditions.

For a change of vehicle (during the insurance year):

  • in case of change of vehicle, please complete the change request form
  • the original certificate of insurance for the old vehicle
  • photocopy of the obverse and reverse of the new vehicle’s registration document.

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