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Our business lines

Generalist fund

Upline Investments, approved management company operating under the control of CDVM (Morrocan Stock Exchange Market Authority), is a major partner for entrepreneurs that creates value through strategic support, business networking and regular monitoring. Upline Investments currently manages 4 funds of which 3 are in the exit phase.

  • Upline Investment Fund: generalist fund raised in 2008 from institutional investors (insurance companies, mutual funds, etc.) targeting Moroccan high growth potential firms.
  • Moussahama Fund I: first fund launched in Morocco having realized both venture and development capital operations.
  • Moussahama Fund II: general diversified fund raised in 2009 sized at 400 million dirhams targeting Moroccan high growth potential firms.
  • OCP Innovation for Agriculture: sector fund with a target size of 200 million dirhams oriented to venture and growth capital transactions in industrial food processing.

An IRR (Internal rate of return) of 18% for the Upline Fund Technologies raised in 2001 and completely divested in 2007. A portfolio invested in dozen companies since 2008.

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